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Calcium Products

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CALCIUM PRODUCTS include Oyster Shell Calcium, Calcium with Magnesium and Zinc, and Calcium with Vitamin D.

Calcium is essential for the production and maintenance of strong teeth and bones and is especially useful for the prevention of osteoporosis.

Calcium helps maintain a regular heartbeat, aids in lowering cholesterol, and helps prevent cardiovascular disease.

Item #

  Item Name

Form Size Serving Size List Price Qty  
C113   Calcium Oyster Shell 500 mg + D Tablet 100 1 Tablet $5.39
C114   Calcium 600 + Vitamin D Tablet 60 1 Tablet $4.49
C123   Calcium Oyster Shell 500 mg+ D Tablet 250 1 Tablet $9.89
C135   Calcium & Magnesium + Zinc Tablet 100 1 Tablet $5.29
C363   Calcium Oyster Shell 500 mg No D Tablet 100 1 Tablet $5.49
C364   Calcium Oyster Shell 500 mg No D Tablet 250 1 Tablet $9.89

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